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1. Thought

It's the thought that counts, right? he questions himself as he stands outside her door. He just hopes she likes wildflowers since he knows she hates roses.

2. Hope

She knows it's pointless to hope for something she can't have but as she watches the green boy in his attempts to get her to smile, she can't help but wonder if it's so pointless after all.

3. Pointless

It's pointless, he knows, to think that maybe he'll stay with him one day. But as Robin watches him drive away, he can't help but sigh dejectedly.

4. Chicken

Robin looked around the fluffy-looking common room in confusion. "Umm, Beast Boy? What did you do?"
"Hey, don't look at me. I told Cyborg buying a chicken would endanger our lives!"

5. Sword

Heroes didn't use lethal weapons for very specific reasons and as a general rule. So when Robin watches the white-haired girl swing a sword expertly without harming anyone too badly, he thinks there are exceptions to every rule.

6. Forget

She'd lied to him when she told him she didn't remember but as she watched the green boy run out of the school, she knew what she was doing was right.

7. Truth

She glares at him before saying in an aggravated voice, "Truth or Dare?"
He grins with challenge in his eyes and answers, "Dare."
So I found this on my computer today, old and forgotten. I'm pretty sure there were more sentences written out on a piece of paper but I'm pretty sure I lost it.

Anyway, it's been a while since I submitted anything and figured I might as well put this up. It's really short and probably doesn't belong in the 'One in a Million' folder but hey, it's all TT and the type so of fits it.

Anyway, read and enjoy!
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September 30, 2011
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