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Playlist Version Two

1. Falling in Love by Falling Up

Her eyes shone a brilliant purple and her laugh sounded like the music of a thousand silver bells. He never knew why bells of silver were said to have the best sound. He only knew that her voice carried their tone and held his whole and complete attention. He could do nothing without her inside his head, echoing, glowing, breathing, living. She was beautiful. She was perfect. She was everything he could ever want. She was everything he did want. He wanted no one else.

And as he brought the painting to life with every stroke, he fell deeper and deeper into the canvas himself.

2. Grace by Within Temptation

She floated and danced a pattern into the ice, crazed portraits of death and decay. Their faces had always been pretty but such beautiful was always marred by indecent eyes. She sought to make a landscape of such grandeur not one being could look upon and see its magnificence. Up and down she spun and raced, creating mountains and valleys of bones and rotten flesh. Horrified eyes gaped from the crystals that held the work of art in place and soundless mouths screamed in rage and fear. But mutes could not speak and the deaf could not hear.

And she danced until it was completed and the whole world was nothing but a frozen waste.

3. My Heart by Paramore

"It's red and… fleshy…" he stated.

"Most hearts are," his companion replied.

"Yes but… most hearts aren't drawn red and fleshy," he retorted.

"But they are drawn red," his companion smiled.

He finally looked up at the other teenager gazing back from across the table. "But why would you draw a red and fleshy heart on my notebook? Isn't it kinda… weird?"

The only real reply was a mysterious smile. "'Cause I'm giving it to you."

4. Daydreamer by Adele

The clouds drifted over the child's head. He smiled brightly and grabbed a little paintbrush that fit perfectly into his hand. And he swished it back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Slowly, very slowly, a picture formed in the clouds. A beautiful picture of taxis and girls with big bows and castles of such fantastical design they seemed beyond comprehension. He smiled happily at the world unfolding before him, above him.

And he jumped up and became a cloud himself.

5. One and Only by Adele

She couldn't think, couldn't breathe. The earth was caving in, breaking, crushing her. She was terrified, worried, sad. The anxiousness gripped her and constricted her movements. She was stuck, frozen, boiling in her shoes and falling through the sweet smell of evergreens. Yes, that was what he smelled like. Evergreens, beautiful trees, her favourite. How fitting. But it didn't help, it glued her to her seat and prevented her from standing, singing, confessing.

There was no way she could do it. No, she couldn't. She was fine like this, though. She could live like this.

Then, he walked by her and smiled. She started and her system jumped to life. She stood up and followed and faced her fears as surely as the freezing winter faced the unknown warmth of spring.

6. Even Angles Fall by Jessica Riddle

He was broken, sad and downhearted.

She was happy, brilliant and shining.

He was lost, confused and broken.

She was giddy, glorious and complete.

She saw him.

He didn't see her.

She paused and examined him. He was ordinary if a little lonely. There was nothing remarkable about him. But why was she so captivated by such a man? Surely there was something amiss about this. She reached out and touched his cheek and realized she had fallen.

He saw her and thought an angel had fallen.

7. Phrenic Phever from Homestuck

The lights danced and spun, painting the land in the soft glow of cotton candy and sweet little mints. The evergreen air swirled and spiraled in a dizzying array of scents and flavours that burned the tongue and stunned the nose. And yet the world couldn't get enough. It was bright and plentiful this little thing, this ball of life and energy. It was perfect and beautiful if nauseating and strange. And it gathered up the little thing and held it tightly until the night fell and cast them into shadows.

8. Black Rose/Green Sun from Homestuck

The wind chime turned and danced in the storm. The smoke rose steadily as the rain poured. The fire roared and blazed and seemed to grow in the torrent of water. It neither slowed nor dissipated. Instead it licked and ate and consumed every last drop, pool, puddle of the clear, life giving liquid. Its thirst for it was not quenchable and caught and devoured everything it touched. It hungered for Death but Death would not come to it. Death came to the things around it but never to the fire. The fire was left to smoke and rise and burn.

9. Me Like Hockey by The Arrogant Worms

It was fascinating, really. Humans were truly extraordinary as a species. As soon as something happened that they quite enjoyed they seemed to lose a shockingly large amount of their already limited mental spans.

She was really curious as to the cause of this but had a feeling cutting them open at random would not do the trick. Perhaps she should try to pretend to be one to get a full understanding of this situation.

So she went to a game of this "hockey" to see this event for herself.
As soon as she sat down to watch, her vast mental span decreased to that of the average human fan.

10. Candles by Hey Monday

The rain pitter pattered on the window pane. The brief flashes of lightning illuminated the water droplets. They sparkled and danced in the wind and flowed through the grassy rivers. The night was a blue tango of life and the refreshing crystals of refracting light clean the earth and air of the toxic fumes that had cluing to the world.
The dance of the storm cleaned the world.

11. Christmas Sucks by the Arrogant Worms

The night was wrapped in the cold and quiet of winter. The buildings were frosted in ice and broken dreams. A snowman sits on the snowy lawn, its smile a mockery of the sorrow that perpetuates the atmosphere. It bites into those that pass by and seems to frown upon them. It is a smug thing and shows those that see it that they do not have a reason for happiness. That happiness was taken away years ago. And they shall never have it again.

12. Sunsetter from Homestuck

The sun rose high in the sky. It shone brilliantly down on the battlefield, blinding anyone who was on it. It wiped the blood from sight, clouded the iron tang from the nose, and silenced the din of battle.
So this took my a while to complete. I just got so busy with school and everything that I couldn't get this done any sooner. But it's completed now so yay~

So I really like some of the ones I did here. I think they are very nice :)

It works the same as the last one I did and I may or may not do a few more. It all depends on whether or not I have enough time.

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