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Playlist Version One

1. Here We Are by Breaking Benjamin

This was it. Finally, after all was done and finished. It was over. But somehow, it was still empty, hollow and burnt out. But why? I couldn't be sure. Here we were at the end of the journey, the battle won and the victory wholly ours. At what cost though? We could go home to those we had left in order to complete this quest but it just felt… wrong. I just didn't feel it. Could we really go back after what we had done? All the blood split, our hands and clothes soak in it? We had won the day, the world. We were alive and complete. We could finally get a good night's sleep.

But really, what price had we paid for freedom?

2. Love Save the Empty by Erin McCarley

She was curled up on the side of the street. She was wrapped in soiled bandages that looked to be falling apart. She stank of weeks of slim and grim and it was hard to see what she looked like under the layers of dirt. The boy stared at her, absorbed in the strangeness of the little dirty girl. He switched glances between the ice cream in his hand and her. Finally, he approached her, dropped down and offered her the cone. Cautiously, she looked up at him, weary and scared. Eventually, she took it and took tiny licks of the treat. The boy smiled.

3. So This Is Christmas by John Lennon

Christmas is supposed to be red and green, sparkling lights, tinsel and mistletoe. It's supposed to be laughs and presents and a big ole tree drooping with ornaments. There is supposed to be a jolly old man in a big red suit with nine strong reindeer pulling a sleigh. But not now. Not here. Here it is blood and bombs and children crying in the streets. It is politicians in large countries picking on the weak for a few small incidents, a few small differences. There are no happy times. Only the dead piling ever higher as the media shows the latest celebrity break up. No sees the orphans, the cripples, the weak. No one sees their need.

4. Oh Death by Jen Titus

The dark shimmers, quakes, shivers. The ashes shift and stir, the tendrils of black fog stretching up to grab the sun, taint it. A shadow falls on the world. Life drains out of the earth, the grey mass of nothing eating away at the last remains of human kind.

5. Telephone by Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé

The phone wouldn't stop ringing. It was an endless drone that broke the quiet of the dance floor. The lights blared, giving off their blinding light but not quite banishing the shadows. She stared at the phone in distant, a look of disgust painting her face. Her fingers curled into a fist as she dropped the phone to the ground. Then she lifted her foot and stomped on it. Finally, the ringing was silenced.

6. Savin' Me by Nickelback

The gates alternated between crimson gold and cerulean silver. He stood at the foot of them, blood steadily flowing from his body and tears pouring from his eyes.

"Why?" he asked no one. "Why?"

The sky broke with the arrival of millions of black feathers. A figure lighted on the top of the steel gates, great raven wings extended behind him. Crystal blue eyes bore into the soul of the man before him.

"Rest, weary soldier," the angel whispered, lips never moving. "Rest and forget all you have seen."

And then, the gates opened and the man stepped inside. Crimson gold and cerulean silver.

7. You Raise Me Up by Celtic Woman

The light flicked on almost as soon as the scream cut through the room. One girl, a small blonde with one eye missing, was trembling and covered in a cold sweat. Another, a brunette with worried eyes, moved away from the lamp and pulled the blonde into her arms.

"It's okay now," she whispered, trying to calm her down. "Shh, shh. It's alright. Nothing's here. No one is going to hurt you."

The blonde whimpered and snuggled deeper into the brunette's embrace. Her body shook violently. Her partner rubbed circles into her back and, gradually, she calmed. Still mumbling reassurances, the brunette kissed her forehead and settled down for a long night.

8. Built for Sin by Framing Hanley

She stands away from him, the rush of the passing train whipping her ruby red dress and black hair all around her. He wants to approach her, grab her, shake her but he can't. He is frozen and she is moving. He can't reach her and she won't wait for him.

She turns around and smiles, blue eyes sparkling and lips a perfect match for her dress. "Don't worry, I won't ever forget you," she says. The squeal of another train coming in drowns out the other sounds in the station.

"Don't go," he tries. "It will pull you apart."

"I know," she replies. "That's what's so fun about it."

When the train stops, she gets on and never looks back.

9. E.T by Katy Perry

His eyes flash yellow and draw her in, pulling her off the wall where she had been tacked among the other flawless dolls. He grins, all pointed teeth and dirty fangs. She is captivated. Never had she seen someone so imperfect before. Such things didn't exist here. They were grimy creatures that were shot on sight. She and others like her were kept safe where they won't be harmed, where nothing can taint them.

"You don't look good on a shelf," he tells her.

She believes him. So when he holds out a hand, she takes it.

10. God Help The Outcasts by Disney

The ghettos were nothing more than disused apartment buildings, ruins of a lost age and a current society that no longer had need of them. So the unworthy, the desolate, the rats of human kind were tossed inside them, far away from the new, glorious cities of the Wondrous Age. The abandoned were left there to fend for themselves in a world that gave nothing but scraps away to a friend.

One little girl looked up to the sky one day and asked, "God, why did you have to leave?"

11. Blackbird by The Beatles

The blackbird was singing. The man walking down the street with a gun in his hand paused to stare it. It was the end of day, the rein of the moon and yet here was a little bird singing a cheery song. He frowned, the cloud of shadow and fog that clung to him shivering. Yet still the bird sang. Soon, the man dropped the gun and turned back, no longer having the strength to take his own life.

12. The Dairy of Jane (acoustic version) by Breaking Benjamin

She tears the book apart, a righteous scream tearing through her throat. No, no, no, no, NO! Never. It feels like her mind is being torn apart. She can't take it, can't handle it. Why, why, why, WHY? It was never supposed to be like this, NEVER.

He stands there, nervous, uncertain. Slowly, carefully, he steps closer and wraps her in his arms. She shouts, yells, cries, SHRIEKS, sobs but doesn't fight him. Instead, she keeps ripping the book to shreds and soon her diary lies in broken pieces on the floor.
My head has felt a little dead lately. Too much work I suppose. Either way I don't up to my best today so I decided to try one of these things. So I put on my play list and shuffled it to see what I would get.

All of these were writing in whatever time it took for the song to play through. Most seem kind of dark even if the song isn't. Guess that's just my mood tonight.

The song names and artist are above the short story. None of the songs belong to me.

I put 'Version One' in the title because I might have to do another one at some point. Please enjoy.

Edit: I decided to add a point about the 8th song. I sort of view that one as being entirely black and white expect for the colours mentioned in it in my mind's eye. I just felt that would would be an interesting thing to point out but you don't have to picture it that same way.
TheRandomNinja-Chan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Duuuuuuude, I love these drabbles/paragraphs! They fit the songs well without being cliche or too obvious. (and I like the playlist :D )
stickninjasllama Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011   Writer
Aww, thanks Ran <3 I was a little worried at times that some didn't exactly fit but I like them~ They're kinda sad though ^^; (I like the playlist too ;) )
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